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April 2022

Stay Woke
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March 2021

The Story of CreativityListen now (19 min) | In this podcast, we look at four principles that will help us stay creative even when we feel we don't have the juice!
Staying Engaged to WinListen now (11 min) | Do you ever feel distracted or unmotivated to finish tasks? In this podcast, we talk about an equation to help you determine how…

January 2021

The Four Enemies of StoryListen now (21 min) | This podcast is the re-recording of a talk I gave at a leadership summit in 2021. Hope you enjoy it.

May 2020

Control Issues and Internal NarrativeListen now (12 min) | In this podcast, we talk about control issues and how to remedy them with confidence.
The Curse Of Knowledge - 3 Tips on Building Better TeamsListen now (13 min) | Thanks you to Audible for sponsoring this podcast, check out for a free audio book and…

April 2020

Great By Choice - 5 Things You Need in a PandemenicListen now (17 min) | In this podcast we story hack Jim Collin's Good to Great!
Uncharted Territory - Finding ConfidenceListen now (19 min) | In this podcast, we talk about why toilet paper is being purchased in mass amounts. How to find and be a guide for others and why…

December 2019

Story Hacking InfluenceListen now (29 min) | In this podcast, we explore story hacks to grow your influence and hack the internal narrative to see better ways we can grow our…

September 2018

Mindset HacksListen now (14 min) | Get the discussion guide at