This one is all about personal growth.
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The Story of CreativityListen now (19 min) | In this podcast, we look at four principles that will help us stay creative even when we feel we don't have the juice!
Staying Engaged to WinListen now (11 min) | Do you ever feel distracted or unmotivated to finish tasks? In this podcast, we talk about an equation to help you determine how…
The Four Enemies of StoryListen now (21 min) | This podcast is the re-recording of a talk I gave at a leadership summit in 2021. Hope you enjoy it.
Control Issues and Internal NarrativeListen now (12 min) | In this podcast, we talk about control issues and how to remedy them with confidence.
The Curse Of Knowledge - 3 Tips on Building Better TeamsListen now (13 min) | Thanks you to Audible for sponsoring this podcast, check out for a free audio book and…
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